Franklin County Florida is threatened by a number of different types of natural, technological, and societal or man-made hazards.  These hazards endanger the health and safety of the population of the county, jeopardize its economic vitality, and imperil the quality of its environment.  Because of the importance of avoiding or minimizing the vulnerability to these hazards, the public and private sector interest of Apalachicola, Carrabelle and Franklin County have joined together to create a task force to undertake a comprehensive planning process that has culminated in the publication of the:  “Franklin County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)”.  This task force, entitled the Franklin County LMS Task Force, will continue to host a current copy of the Franklin County LMS on this web site.

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Executive Summary

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Section 4 Part 1

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Appendix A – Franklin County LMS Meeting Documentation_11.28.20

Appendix B – Franklin County LMS Project List_ 11.28.20

Appendix C -Franklin County Flood Plain Management Ordinance

Appendix D – City of Apalachicola Flood Plain Management Ordinance

Appendix E – Franklin County Flood Risk Report

Appendix F – Franklin County Flood Mitigation Plan

Appendix G – Franklin County CWPP

We value your suggestions.  If you have a suggestion that would improve our LMS, please click the link below to email your suggestions to Jennifer Daniels, Director at