Is Franklin County under any Watches or Warnings?

  For the latest Watches and Warnings Click Here

Are the Bridges Closed?

The Franklin County Sheriff closes bridges at a SUSTAINED 45 mph wind. Conditions can change at a moment’s notice giving little to no warning that the bridges will close.  Please sign up for Franklin County Emergency Management Updates below for the most current information on bridge closures.  You can also visit Weather Stem for live weather data by going to

What kind of warning can I get for bridge closing?

The determination for closure of the bridge is made by the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Highway Patrol, and Local Law Enforcement based on current conditions. Little to no warning could be issued due to the fast changing nature of weather systems. Be sure to sign up for Alert Franklin for the most recent updates.

We are planning on coming into the area for vacation should we still come?

If you are planning on visiting Franklin County, please stay in contact with your vacation rental company for updates and sign up for Franklin County Emergency Management Updates listed below.

Where can I sign up for Franklin County Emergency Management Updates?

To receive updates on County actions during a disaster like a hurricane follow our social media accounts and sign up for Alert Franklin.



Alert Franklin:

Where can I get official Hurricane Forecasts?

Official tropical cyclone forecasts can be found at Franklin County Emergency Management social media will be updated as well when an active tropical cyclone has the potential to impact Franklin County.

What should I do if a Hurricane or Tropical Storm is forecast to impact Franklin County?

If a tropical cyclone is forecast to impact Franklin County it is important that you monitor Franklin County Emergency Management social media, local media, and the National Weather Service. Follow any protective actions that are called for. This could include evacuating your home. Be sure to have a fully stocked disaster supply kit ready and have a disaster plan for you, your family, your pet, or your business. To create a plan visit or

Where is the closest shelter?

Franklin County does not have any tropical weather shelters, this is due to the entire county being in a surge zone. Shelters should only be an option as a last resort. If you decide to seek out a shelter it will have to be in another county. Click Here for Current Shelter Openings

What should I have in my disaster supply kit?

At a minimum you should have AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS WORTH of the following items in your disaster supply kit:
  • Water (1 gallon per person per day) Non-Perishable Food
  • Manual Can Opener
  • Battery Powered or hand cranked radio NOAA Weather Radio
  • Flashlight with Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Prescription Medications
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Local Maps
  • Cards/Board Games
  • Cash

What if I have an access or functional need?

If you have an access or functional need please register by completing the form at

Do I need a Re-Entry Tag?

If you have a Re-Entry Tag and your address has not changed, you DO NOT need a new tag. Even if it has expired. We no long issue expiration dates on Re-Entry Tags. If you DO NOT have a Re-Entry Tag, you can complete the application at entry-tags/ .

 Re-Entry Tags will not be issued once the EOC is activated.

What do the activation levels mean?

Level 1 – Full Scale Activation – In a full-scale activation, all primary and support agencies under Franklin County Emergency Management are notified. The Operations Center will be staffed by Franklin County Emergency Management personnel and all Emergency Support Functions.
Level 2 – Partial Activation – This is an activation that may not require activation of every section, branch or Emergency Support Functions. All primary, or lead, Emergency Support Functions are notified. The Operations Center will be staffed by Franklin County Emergency Management personnel and necessary Emergency Support Functions.
Level 3 – Monitoring Activation/ Normal Operations – Level 3 is typically a “monitoring” phase. Notification will be made to those Emergency Support Functions who would need to take action as part of their everyday responsibilities. The Operation Center will be staffed with Franklin County Emergency Management staff.

What do I do if I have any damage?

If you have any damage or impacts to your home or business contact emergency management at the information below. If your damage is life threatening, such as a down power line is on your home, and/or has caused injury contact 911.

Email with:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Address of Damage
  • Picture of the Damage
  • Time the damage occurred (If known)

What if I have a question or have an issue during a hurricane or other disaster?

When the Emergency Operations Center is activated you can contact the Franklin County Emergency Management Hotline at (850) 653-8977.