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4399-075-R (274) Public Notice (revision 08-12-2021)[23164]
Franklin County Local Mitigation Strategy Meeting Advertisement Aug 2021
Notice of Public Comments and Intent to Apply for CDBG-DR Grant Funds
Notice of Public Comments and Intent to Apply for CDBG-DR Grant Funds Spanish Ad
4399-274 Public Notice Franklin County Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
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Franklin County acquired FEMA funding through the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program to develop a Flood Mitigation Plan.  This plan will support the County’s Local Mitigation Strategy and is designed to accomplish the following:
  • Maintain the County’s CRS certification and improve its rating which results in savings to homeowners on their insurance premiums
  • Educate the residents of Franklin County through outreach about the hazards of flooding
  • Identify flood prone areas throughout the County and sources of flooding
  • Identify loss reduction measures through effective mitigation strategies
  • Raise awareness of the beneficial functions of the floodplain.
The Plan was developed and organized following the ten step process under Section 510, “Floodplain Management Planning”,  National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System Coordinator’s Manual (April 6, 2016 Draft Edition). The ten step planning process includes:
  1. Organize;
  2. Involve the public;
  3. Coordinate;
  4. Assess the hazard;
  5. Assess the problem;
  6. Set goals;
  7. Review possible activities;
  8. Draft an action plan;
  9. Adopt the plan; and
  10. Implement, evaluate, and revise the
The public and other internal and external stakeholders are highly encouraged to review and provide feedback to this plan.  This plan will remain on the county’s EM website until close of business on Monday, October 31st.
To Access the Franklin County Flood Mitigation Plan Click Here
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franklin county solid waste

Solid Waste & Recycling  –  Animal Control  –  Parks & Recreation           
210 State Road 65
Eastpoint, Florida 32328
Tel.: 850-670-8167
Fax: 850-670-5716
Right-of-Way Debris
Franklin County’s goal is to maintain clean and safe roadsides.  The uncontrolled and unsanitary right-of-way disposal of debris by residents in unincorporated areas, is strictly prohibited by Franklin County Ordinance No. 2016-06.  Not only is the debris and trash placement against the law, it degrades the appearance of the county roads and adjacent properties.  Any person violating any provision of this ordinance is subject to penalties.  If you are in the incorporated area of the County, please contact City Hall for direction on Right-of-Way debris pickup schedule and guidelines. 
            Allowable Right-of-Way Debris in unincorporated areas of Franklin County
            Yard trash limbs up to 18” in diameter, no more than 4 ft. long.
            Pine straw, pine cones, leaves and grass clippings
    *It is prohibited for Contractors to dispose of debris on the Right-of-Way.* 
   Any other debris will be the owner’s responsibility to dispose of properly at the Central Landfill
                            Please take the advantage of the once a month Amnesty days
                                     OR BUILDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS AMNESTY
         Franklin County Central Landfill Hours of Operation
         October 1st – March 31st Winter Hours 9am – 4:30pm
         April 1st – September 30th Summer Hours 7am – 4:30pm
         Closed on County Holidays and weekends, except for Saturday Amnesty Days.
If you have any questions, please call the Franklin County Central Landfill at 850-670-8167
or email